The Ultimate Treat for the COOLEST DOGS

Shakin’ & Lickin’

HOOMANS mix it COOL DOG® licks it

Vroomin’ Venison & Coconuts
Blastin’ Biltong
Swishin’ Strawberry & Coconuts
Addin’ Favorite Treats
Each tub contains a COOL DOG® sticker

Twirlin’ & Lickin’

Frozen & Ready for COOL Lickin’


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Cool Dogs Ice Cream®

Our journey to develop the ULTIMATE Treat for the COOLEST DOGS began in 2017 – we knew that it was time to really spoil our dogs!

Our aim was to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy ice-cream for dogs that would not only be yummy for our pets, but would also be a great alternative to dry dog treats.

Our customers don’t lie…

Woof, Woof…

What a superb product you have! Mixed it yesterday, and already they were all ready to lick off spoons and clean the bowls. Today I gave them their first treat - THEY LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Odette Van Zyl

Our Charlie loves your ice cream, so refreshing on a scorching day

Tracy Watson

My kidos absolutely love their cool treat from cool dogs. The three share one in stages because giving each one doesnt work! They run from one bowl to the next making sure the others is better than the one they busy with. Thank u aunty Linda for making our hot days cooler...

Deon Botha

From Lily Lashes South Africa "I love cool dogs Ice Cream! When my parents eat their ice cream for desert, I can also have mine" My favorite is Dazzling Duck. Woof woof!

Jason Kyle Birkwood

Cleopatra, Lady Jane and Bella love the ice cream and we had the best birthday for my baby Cleo she sits at the freezer now trying to get lucky.

Jayde Nicolas

My Lexi thoroughly enjoyed the biltong flavour ice cream yesterday at the Mutt Strutt. I'm sure it helped her win the "best mini mutt strutt butt" category!

Lauren Morgenrood

I can't believe how fun this brand is. Its wonderful to know dogs can enjoy treats too and that its just super healthy and nutritious. The team behind this product, are just phenomenal and the service is GREAT. VERY impressed.

Emma-Jane Truter

Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream®
Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream®