About Us

“Do Dogs Like Ice Cream?”

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Our journey to develop the ULTIMATE Treat for the COOLEST DOGS began in 2017 – we knew that it was time to really spoil our dogs!

Our aim was to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy ice-cream for dogs that would not only be yummy for our pets, but would also be a great alternative to dry dog treats.

After months of research and product development with a leading South African animal nutritionist, Cool Dogs Ice Cream® was created.

The tester in chief for TWIRLIN’ & LICKIN’ was Nanda, our chocolate labby.  Our tester in chief for SHAKIN’ & LICKIN’ was Tina, our Golden labby. We gave samples to everyone who had a dog (including Vets) and the response was uniformly consistent: ALL Dogs LOVE Cool Dogs Ice Cream®.  We immediately knew that we had developed a treat that is a truly wonderful experience for dogs. “Happy Dog – Happy Hooman!”

It was then time to create COOL DOG®, the ‘COOLEST Dude in Town’. We worked with a branding company who introduced us to a leading local and international cartoonist who has worked with both Disney and Warner Bros. COOL DOG® soon came alive as an action dog with attitude. COOL DOG® surfs, skateboards, hikes, goes fishing, runs marathons, cycles, plays cricket, rugby and even has a dating life, ALWAYS with his ice cream in hand. You may notice that COOL DOG® is so cool, he does not pronounce his ‘G’s.

We couldn’t wait to introduce COOL DOG® and his ice creams to every dog and human in South Africa.

Cool Dogs Ice Cream® soon went National in South Africa due to popular demand and is now also International! YUMMY!!!!

Only A-Grade/Human Grade ingredients are used in the manufacture of Cool Dogs Ice Cream®.

Cool Dogs Ice Cream® is packaged in a recyclable tub and lid – even the labels are edible.

Cool Dogs Ice Cream® can be stored in the family freezer, it doesn’t smell and it is not a messy treat.


The three delicious flavours are:


Launching Cool Dogs Ice Cream® has been an absolute joy – talking about Cool Dogs Ice Cream® does not fail to bring a smile to both human and dog faces!

COOL DOG® wishes your cool dog,

“Bon Appétit”

Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream®
Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream® Cool Dogs Ice Cream®